Calvary Community Chambersburg


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Sundays & Thursdays at 6:30 pm

Sundays we are generally in a study of a New Testament book

Thursdays we are generally in a study of an Old Testament book except...

The 1st Thursday of each month we have a small group discussion on a wide variety of life-changing topics

Calvary Community Chambersburg is a bible study based on:
1) the supremacy of love
2) the centrality of Jesus
3) the empowering of the Holy Spirit
4) the teaching of the plain sense of God's complete Word
5) the offering of grace upon grace to all people
6) in a casual balanced style
7) with an expectant hope of Christ's return

Our Mission

There is a Spiritual war raging for your eternal destiny!  Only one thing cuts through all the lies and opinions of man. It is the truth of God’s Word!

Therefore, we endeavor to go line by line, chapter by chapter thru the Bible to grow into all that God has for us!