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John 11:26

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All Sunday 10:30 am and Thursday 6:30 pm Services are Live Streamed on YouTube!

The Live Stream begins just before the message begins; this is about 20-30 minutes after the Service start time

Are You Looking For Verse By Verse Teaching From God's Word?

We are a Calvary Chapel church located on the west side of Chambersburg, PA.  It's our desire to offer chapter by chapter teaching from God's Word to help us all grow in our faith in Jesus Christ.  If you're being led of God to find a steady diet of God's Word, fellowship and prayer, come join the family!
Sunday 9 AM - Small Groups - we have various interactive groups on a wide variety of life-changing topics.  Call ahead before coming for updates on current events (Children are welcome in the groups but separate child care is not provided)

Sunday 10:30 AM - Main Service - we are generally in a study of a New Testament book (Child Care Provided)

Thursday 6:30 PM - Mid-Week Service - we are generally in a study of an Old Testament book (Child Care Provided)

Providing Short-Term Meal Support to our Church Family
When activated, there will be a website link(s) here that allows you to sign up to provide a meal.

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PROBLEM:  Our world is filled with pain, anger, despair & lacking value in human life
ANSWER:  Operation L.I.V.E. Again's goal is to tell one person you know & one person you've just met each month of these 4 imperatives & ask them to take the challenge themselves

1.  YOU ARE LOVED - Even if it's true that no one else loves you, I love you and your Creator Jesus Christ loves you.  In fact, God loves you so much that He made a way out of the pain of this world.  (John 16:33 & John 3:16)
2.  YOU ARE AN IMAGE-BEARER - You were created in the image of God, created as a tri-dimensional being of body, mind & spirit.  Nothing else was created with ALL three.  This indicates just how special you are and that there's great purpose for you.  (Gen 1:26-27, Rom 8:29)
3.  YOU ARE VALUABLE - You have great worth to me and to God Himself.  You're so valuable that God descended down away from the wonders of heaven to live among us, just to die on the cross paying the price for our guilty consciences.  This clears the way for us to be reunited with God forever.  (Matt 13:44-45)
4.  YOU ARE ENDURING - You will live forever, it's just a question of 'in what condition'.  You can die forever away from the presence of God and of everything good and helpful; or you can live forever in the presence of God with all things eternally good.  (John 17:3, I Pet 1:3)

To receive more cards or for more information about the life-giving power of Jesus Christ, contact us today.  (II Peter 1:4)
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If you don't know that if you died tonight you would go to heaven, we want to talk with you!!  We want to spend some time over a meal talking with you about what you think about life and death.  Enjoy a meal with Daniel Shunk at a local restaurant and be encouraged!

-Minimum 30 minute meal at a public restaurant
-Up to a $30.00 value
-Up to a 25 miles radius of Chambersburg, PA
-For ladies accepting the offer, Daniel's wife Joy Shunk will accompany
-Steak can certainly be substituted for a meal of your choice
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