I Corinthians 6 - Perils Of Patronizing Our Position

Nov 28, 2021
I Corinthians 6 Discussion Questions
a) Why does the Lord tell us the Paul to not take our civil conflicts to the worldly court system?

b) If personal conflict resolution or church led conflict resolution doesn't solve the problem, what does Paul say is better than using the worldly court system? Why is this better?

c) What could cause someone to using the worldly court system to solve civil or moral conflict rather than use the church?

d) In vs 9-10 Paul lists many sinful lifestyles; in the context of chapter 5 and 6, why did Paul list these?

e) According to Vs 11-14, how are we different than those that live sinful lifestyles?

f) Because we've been united with Jesus Christ in new birth, how can we show respect for that with our bodies?