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139 of the most commonly asked Biblical questions with a 3–10-minute YouTube video answer

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Topical Messages

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Bible Q&A

139 of the most commonly asked Biblical questions with a 3–10-minute YouTube video answer
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Trusting God's Word

This section of Q&A will help you develop confidence in the Word of God


This section of Q&A will aid you in knowing what your eternal destiny is

The Nature Of God

This section of Q&A helps us know more of what God has revealed to us about Himself

The Nature of Christianity

This section of Q&A will distinguish between an authentic and fake relationship with God
1.  When is Jesus coming back?  11:52 Minutes

2.  Isn't Christianity just a crutch?  5:10 Minutes

3.  How could Christianity be useful if it's so full of hypocrites?  5:20 Minutes

4.  Why are there different branches of Christianity like Protestant, Catholic, & Orthodox?  7 Minutes

5.  How could I be used as a Christian?  5:30 Minutes

6.  What is the Sabbath Day & why do Christians worship on Sunday?  6 Minutes

7.  Did Jesus have a wife, children, or siblings?  6:20 Minutes

8.  Why are there no priests in Christianity?  4:50 Minutes 

9.  Does the Bible suppress women's rights?  12:20 Minutes

10.  What are the fundamentals to Christianity?  8:50 Minutes

11. Why do Christians baptize?  10:30 Minutes

12.  Does Christianity allow for tattoos and piercings?  5 Minutes

13.  Does Christianity prohibit interracial marriage?  6:30 Minutes

14.  How can we know the will of God?  11:20 Minutes

15.  Why pray? Doesn't God already know?  9:30 Minutes

16.  Are Christians told to fast? Is there a benefit to it?  6 Minutes

17.  Is discipleship needed by all Christians or just some?  4:10 Minutes

18.  How do I find what spiritual gifts I have? How do I use them?  10 Minutes

19.  When we get to heaven, will we be the same age as when we died?  3:20 Minutes

20.  Why do some Christians give up things for lent?  8:30 Minutes

21.  What should a Christian's biggest physical or material goal in life be, besides witnessing to others?  7:10 Minutes

22.  How can I know if I'm in a good church?  6:10 Minutes

23.  What is the meaning of the word "grace"?  11:30 Minutes

24.  Can God guide a Christian by using unbelievers to do it?  8:10 Minutes

25.  What's the best way to read though the whole Bible?  6:50 Minutes

26.  How has the prosperity gospel damaged people's understanding of God's greatness in the midst of our trials?  5:10 Minutes 

27.  Why is the church called the Body of Christ?  4:50 Minutes

28.  Why do you go to church so often?  12:30 Minutes

29.  My friend shows no signs of being a Christian, how can I convince him that he’s missing out?  9:44 Minutes

Nature of People

This section of Q&A shows the true identity of how God has created you